Guide Sidmouth and East Beach Management Scheme

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1. Background

This design reflects a previous design iteration and is not the current outline design. This will be updated once the OBC is assured.

Sidmouth and East Beach Management Plan was adopted by EDDC Cabinet in April 2017, the main recommendation of which is to implement a beach management scheme to maintain the protection from coastal flooding and reduce the rate of erosion of the cliffs on East Beach.

The preferred option for doing so recommended by the BMP is to;

  • Construct one (or possibly two) rock groynes on East Beach
  • Shorten the training wall (adjacent to the Fishermen’s area at Port Royal) to allow for maintenance access to East Beach
  • Periodically import new shingle onto the beach
  • Periodically recycle shingle (move it from where it accumulates to areas where it is being lost)