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Guide Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

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12. What are the benefits of a Beach Management Scheme (BMS) to Sidmouth and East Cliff, and what level of protection is being considered?

A completed BMS will reduce the future risk of flooding to Sidmouth and erosion at East Beach. Aside from the benefits of reducing damage and disruption within Sidmouth, there may also be reduction in home and business insurance costs in the area due to the reduction in flood risk.

The preferred option for the BMP is designed to have a standard of protection of a 1in100 year chance event. This means that in any given year going forward, there is a 1% chance of the BMP’s protection being exceeded.

The 1in100 year chance event standard of protection has been chosen as it offers the optimum level of benefits for the costs and funding involved. Reducing the standard of protection, for example by not building the splash wall, will reduce cost but it also reduces the available funding. Typically, coastal flood schemes below 1in100year chance event standard may result in protected properties struggling to get insurances or having to pay increased premiums. Aiming for a 1in100 year chance event delivers the best level of improvements for the funding available.