Guide Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

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6. Who will pay for a beach management scheme?

Funding for beach management projects from Government comes through what is known as Flood & Coastal Risk Management Grant in Aid (FCRMGiA) via a process administered by the Environment Agency. The amount of FCRMGiA a project is eligible for is linked to the predicted damages from flooding and coastal erosion, as well as the number of residential properties benefitting from a reduction in risk.

Where the amount of FCRMGiA for an eligible project is less than the total cost of a scheme, the shortfall has to be made up through partnership contributions. Typically, partnership contributions are sought from beneficiaries of a project such as infrastructure owners (utility companies, highways authorities etc), local communities, businesses and developers. This is referred to as partnership funding.

All the BMP options currently being considered will require an element of partnership funding.