East Devon is renowned for its beautiful and unique coastline, the majority of which, since 2001, has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and included as part of the geologically unique Jurassic Coast. In addition to this designation, sections of the coastline, such as the cliffs at Budleigh Salterton, are classified as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) or as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  

East Devon District Council is the designated Coastal Protection Authority under the 1949 Coastal Protection Act, and as such have the powers to protect this land against coastal erosion and to control third party activities on the coast.

As the Local Planning Authority, we also have a key role in planning of development along our coast in particular areas subject to coastal change.

Coastal Monitoring

The coastline of East Devon is monitored on a regular basis as part of the South West Regional Monitoring Programme.

The Programme provides a consistent regional approach to coastal process monitoring, providing information for the development of strategic shoreline management plans, coastal defence strategies and operational management of coastal protection and flood defence.