This is a small harbour situated at the mouth of the river Axe, behind a shingle spit. The entrance is located beneath Haven Cliff and is open to the prevailing south westerlies. It is approximately 10m wide and bounded by the shingle spit to the west and a short piled pier to the east. The  Axe estuary extends some two miles inland and is navigable at high water by small craft.

The tidal streams run strongly in the entrance, especially during springs or when the river is in spate. There is a shingle bar off the entrance, which is liable to frequent change, altering the direction of the entrance channel.

The harbour offers access over high water for craft up to 9.0, LOA and 1m draught.  Most of the moorings are taken by yacht club or fishing association craft but there are a small number of visitor moorings available  which can be booked by contacting the yacht club.

Notes for visiting and local craft are available and can be downloaded here.

Harbour operations are governed by the Port Marine Safety Code and a safety management system is in place. The Harbour Master is Peter Blyth who can be contacted on 01404 515616 or