Guide Benefit FAQs

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3. Do you need help with your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction claim?

If you need help filling in your claim form, you can call or email us for advice. If a friend or relative helps you with your form, you will still be responsible for the information they have filled in, so you must make sure that their answers are correct. 

If you are unable to manage your own affairs relating to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, someone can be appointed to act on your behalf.  The appointee accepts full responsibility for the claim. Ideally the benefit claimant is able to complete a written authority giving details of the person they wish to act as their appointee, with both the claimant and the appointee consenting to the arrangement.

Where the claimant is too incapacitated to complete a written authority, they may already have a representative that has been appointed by the Court or under the Power of Attorney Act.  That representative can supply proof of this to us with a written request for appointee status for the Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction claim. We can do this if you provide either of the following:

1. A deputy appointed by the Court Of Protection with power to claim or receive benefit,

2. An attorney with a general power or power to claim or receive benefit as appointed under either the Powers of Attorney Act 1971, the Enduring Powers of Attorney Act 1985 or the Mental Capacity Act 2005 or otherwise.

If the claimant is unable to complete a written authority and there is no legal representative already appointed to deal with their affairs, then a friend or relative of the claimant can make a written request to us to become their benefits appointee. Please contact us for an appointee form.

It is important that full details of both the appointee and the claimant are provided, as we need to be satisfied that the arrangement is beneficial to the claimant and that the appointee is able to take on the responsibility.