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5. What if my Housing Benefit payment doesn't arrive?

BACS payments are the most secure method of payment. We issue payments on a regular day but the number of days it takes a payment to clear will depend on your bank.
Payments will be later on bank holidays.

If you think a payment is missing:

  • Check with your bank first - they may have received the payment but the funds have not yet cleared. 
  • Then contact us. We will check we have your correct bank details and that the payment has been issued. 
  • If the payment has been issued, you need to allow a further 2-3 days for the payment to clear
  • If after 2-3 days you have still not received your payment you will need to give us a signed statement to confirm your bank's address and the person you have been speaking to about the missing payment and that you are happy for us to discuss this issue with your bank.
  • When we have received your statement we will contact your bank to try and trace the missing payment. We will also check the payment has not been returned. If we have traced the missing payment we will replace it - this can take up to ten days. We will contact you to confirm what we have done.

You can also sign up to view your claim details online, including payments.