Exceptional Hardship Fund (EHF) payments are extra financial help for Council Tax payers who are:

  • in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and are experiencing exceptional financial hardship, or
  • who would be in receipt on CTR but for changes made to the qualifying criteria

Up to 31 March 2020, we will assess EHF applications in line with this Council Tax Discretionary Discount and Exceptional Hardship Fund policy.

From 1 April 2020, we will assess EHF applications in line with this updated Council Tax Discretionary Discount & Exceptional Hardship Fund Policy

EHF will be awarded at our discretion after careful consideration of your individual circumstances. If your application is successful, it will usually be made as a one off payment direct to your Council Tax account, reducing the amount of Council Tax you have left to pay.

Please complete the online form by clicking on the blue start button.

If you also have a shortfall between your rent and Housing Benefit/ Universal Credit, you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) on the same form. 

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