Council Tax Support Fund 2023

Why is this support being provided?

Recognising the impact of rising bills, the government has provided a new grant fund for 2023-24 called the Council Tax Support fund. This is for local authorities to help economically vulnerable households with their council tax bills.

The government expects local authorities to use most of their funding to reduce council tax bills for residents who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) by up to £25, as long as they still have a liability to pay council tax. Any remaining funds can then be used to further support households as local authorities see fit.

Who is entitled to this support?

All households receiving CTR will automatically receive a payment from the fund paid directly to council tax accounts.

If you do not believe you should be receiving CTR please ensure you notify the benefits team immediately.

How much will I receive?

Our policy for the remaining Council Tax Support Fund is to increase the amount of the one off payment by up to £55.

What if I have less than £55 owing on my bill

If you have less than £55 remaining on your council tax bill for 2023/24 (after any CTR has been applied), you will only receive an award for the amount outstanding.