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Guide An overview of Housing Benefit

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4. Housing Benefit payments

Payments are made every four weeks in arrears. The payment dates for 2019/20 are:


10 April
8 May
5 June
3 July
31 July
28 August
25 September
23 October
20 November
18 December


15 January
12 February
11 March

  • If you live in a council property, any Housing Benefit will be paid to your rent account. Our rental team will contact you if you have something left to pay.
  • If you rent your home from a housing association, you can ask us to pay your Housing Benefit straight to your landlord.
  • If you rent your home from a private landlord, we would normally pay your Housing Benefit into your bank account. If you have rent arrears of eight weeks or more, we may pay your Housing Benefit straight to your landlord. We could also pay straight to your landlord if you have difficulty managing your money. 

Vulnerable tenants

If we consider you to be a vulnerable tenant we will pay your rent direct to your landlord. By vulnerable, we mean someone who may:

  • have severe debt problems
  • have a recent County Court judgement against them
  • be an undischarged bankrupt
  • be unable to open a basic bank or building society account
  • have some of your Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance paid direct to the gas, electricity or water company by DWP
  • be homeless or getting help from East Devon District Council's Housing Needs or a homeless charity
  • have learning difficulties or cannot read or speak English
  • have an illness that stops them managing on a day to day basis
  • be addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling

To apply

Complete the Pay your landlord direct form