Guide A guide to arranging a burial

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3. Monuments

Monuments and tablets

Monuments may only be placed on a grave when the exclusive rights of burial have been purchased. If the applicant is not the owner of the exclusive rights of burial a legal transfer may need to be completed before a memorial application can be accepted.

Monuments such as headstones, kerbstones and footstones may be put up on many graves. On ashes plots, generally, only tablets are permitted. In all cases an exclusive right of purchase must have been granted. Requests for all monuments and tablets must first be approved by us. Only stone monuments conforming to dimensions and type will be allowed to be erected. There are different regulations for each cemetery which is why approval must be given before any monument can be put up. Monuments made of wood, plastic and metal will not be approved.


Suitable wording may be inscribed on monuments and tablets. Prior approval for inscriptions must be obtained from us.

There is a cost for putting up a monument or tablet.

Apply for permission to erect a monument or add an inscription