Guide A guide to arranging a burial

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2. Types of grave

There are two types of graves in our cemeteries.

One grave is for the burial of bodies and the other is for the burial of cremated remains.

Grave plots

A grave plot allows for the entire space of the grave to be set aside for the burial of a body. There will be sufficient space for the erection of a stone monument on the grave and for flowers or plants. Alternatively the entire grave may be grassed over.

The grave is normally dug deep enough for up to two body burials, and at some cemeteries the graves may also be big enough to take up to four sets of cremated remains. Alternatively full grave plots may be used exclusively for cremated remains.

Ashes plots

Some plots are set aside exclusively for the burial of cremated remains.  You are able to place a flat  stone memorial tablet which is flush with the grass.  All other ashes plots are covered in grass.