Closure of East Devon’s Council offices

Our offices remain closed to the public but we are still open for business to manage and accept bookings for burials and interments, and to answer enquiries.

Funeral Services

Current government guidance to ensure funerals are conducted safely has been published by Public Health England.

Booking Burials and Interments

Funeral directors are encouraged to use our online electronic burial booking form and interment notices should be sent by email rather than taken into the office.

Funeral directors are encouraged to send forms by emailing this inbox is monitored regularly. During normal office working hours you will receive a response to all online booking by email. All bookings are provisional until we receive a completed notice of interment and for non account holders payment in full.

We appreciate advanced notice of burials and interments as our staff need time to examine burial registers and records. The current requirement for receiving the notice of interment at least 48 hours in advance should be adhered to thank you.

Please fill out our online burial form

If you require any further information, clarification or to make a provisional booking please email