Clock Tower Cafe and Cakery

The Clock Tower Cafe and Cakery has rapidly adapted to challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, despite their doors being closed to customers.

The Clock Tower is a 30 year-old family business in Sidmouth.  It’s a busy café and cakery, usually open all year around and loved by visitors and locals alike.  Jeremy Vine once called them “the best cake shop in the world!” 

As experienced by many other businesses, on the evening of March 20th, they were abruptly forced to close their doors.

Within a week they decided to set up a home-delivery service to help valued friends, customers and the community, to keep the business afloat and the jobs that go with it.

The Clock Tower now offers meals cooked-to-order, using quality, local ingredients, treats, snacks, drinks, flour and, of course, cakes!  The meals are delivered to the customer’s door free of charge and come with clear instructions for heating and eating from professionally qualified chefs working in the Level 5 Health and Hygiene rated commercial kitchen.

Justine Fraser, Owner and Director of The Clock Tower, explained:

The lockdown forced our hand and made us set up our home deliveries business because we had so many loyal customers that needed our help, often in isolation. We are feeding some people every night of the week, and offering a personal service to those that really need a friendly, helping and professional hand at this time. We stop for a chat, obviously at a distance!, and we’re been delivering prescriptions, bread, flour and practically anything that is needed.

What this has done is give us the kick that we needed. We had been working out the logistics of posting a cake for a while, so this has made us re-work what we do and how we do it; this is a live testing experience.  We will build on this new-found knowledge.  We will continue to offer freshly made meals and cakes delivered locally, and for those at a distance we will be offering frozen alternatives. We will develop and grow this into another arm of our business with The Clock Tower café and cakery as our shop front, and home deliveries going on behind the scenes.  We’ve learnt that it’s risky to have all your eggs in one basket as we think this situation may happen again. Therefore, we are determined to be better prepared and have options going forward.

We have been down, but most definitely NOT OUT!