Expression of Interest

Applicants that need help filling in an Expression of Interest can view the Policy document or FAQ document to answer any questions they may have.

If an applicant has a question or concern that is not addressed in the Policy or FAQs, they can email the team at 

Full Bids

The Business Information Point (BIP) will be offering free project support to applicants who have successfully completed an expression of interest and require support for their full bid application.

The Council will invite applicants to attend a workshop or to receive 1-2-1 support if it is clear that additional support may be required.


The workshops are 3 hour online sessions targeted at lower value applications from £2,500 up to £20,000.

They will provide applicants with guidance on how to construct a strong application for funding, covering:

  • What to consider when compiling the application
  • What to include in the application
  • Which supplementary documents are required
  • How the application fits with the policies and aims of the fund
  • Outcomes of awarded grants

1-2-1 Support

Tailored support delivered by BIP’s experienced Business Advisors, is available to support applicants:

  • Compile comprehensive and compelling applications
  • Ensure that all aspects are considered
  • Ensure relevant documentation and information is included
  • Ensure that proposals are viable propositions
  • Support the policies and aims of IRF

Support is delivered via video conferencing, email and phone.