6 Top Tips for Employers to Recruit a Kickstart Placement

The Kickstart Scheme is a great opportunity for businesses across the region to increase their capacity whilst offering a young person vital work experience and an opportunity to develop workplace skills. We asked local Kickstart gateway advisors for their 6 top tips to help you to recruit a Kickstart placement.

1. Plan in advance to recruit

The application process takes approximately 6-8 weeks from start to finish depending on how quickly you return your paperwork, so plan in time to undertake the process.

2. Organise your wrap around support in advance

You receive £1500 to train and support the young person whilst in the placement. It is vital to think carefully what support is suitable for the role, including weekly or bi-weekly mentoring, courses, training etc. Some gateways offer a wraparound support programme as part of the package or there are companies who can help you with organising the most suitable training support for your Kickstart placement if there is nothing suitable in-house.

3. Make your company and the job sound as attractive as possible for a young person

Young people value the credentials of a company, the culture and the values they stand for. Make a vacancy description appealing for a young person and sell yourself as an employer. What kind of ethos does your company have? Also, speak the language of a young person rather than being too formal and risk coming across as old fashioned or stale. Avoid making roles too technical or reliant on very specific things such as high-level qualifications.

4. Respond quickly to applicants and eliminate bureaucracy in your recruitment process

Young people want quick feedback and not to be waiting for long periods for invites to interview or for the outcome.  Many employers are missing out on talent because their processes take several weeks. Don’t wait for tons of applications, meet the young people ASAP.

5. Consider how a young person can demonstrate skills rather than evidence experience

Perhaps consider a short task as an application etc. (many young people do not have extensive CV’s and they are not great at exhibiting potential). This approach also encourages a more diverse range of young people.

6. Meet with the young people

Bring your vacancy templates to life by meeting with the young people face to face or via zoom. Not everyone comes across well on paper. Employers that engage with the Buzz Meetings and take part in the events at the Job Centres have said how positively this has affected their recruitment campaigns. Young people often lack confidence and don’t know what to expect when applying for a position, so if they can meet a potential employer and build trust and rapport, it really helps to break the ice for them.

If you are interested in taking on a kickstart placement find out more and apply today.