What is the East Devon Carbon Action Programme? 

The East Devon Carbon Action Programme (EDCAP) is a support package for businesses and community organisations in East Devon to decarbonise their operations and cut energy costs. This includes four types of support which participants can pick and chose from:

  1. Free training sessions, workshops and access to online tools
  2. Free access to a one-to-one support coordinator
  3. Free carbon surveys and action plans 
  4. Grants to help purchase decarbonisation equipment (solar PV, LED lighting, etc), available from Autumn 2024  

The programme has been designed to accommodate time-poor businesses and community organisations, with a focus on cutting costs as well as carbon.  

This programme will be active from May 2024 until at least the end of April 2025. 

Who is eligible for EDCAP support?

All businesses and community organisations who operate in East Devon are eligible to attend the training and workshops. To receive the other types of support, the business/organisation must primarily trade/operate from East Devon.

A ‘business’ is defined as a sole trader, micro business, small and medium-sized enterprise, or large enterprise. It also includes social enterprises where these engage in economic activity.

A ‘community organisation’ is defined as a charity, community interest company (CICs), social enterprise (which does not engage in economic activity), voluntary organisation, religious institution, local authority, education provider or other local public sector body, with legal status.

Our supplier will prioritise those businesses and community organisations where EDCAP support will likely have the greatest impact.  

How do I sign up to the EDCAP? 

Details on how to sign up to the EDCAP and what happens afterwards can be found on our sign-up page

If you want to know more about the EDCAP before signing up, you can contact BIP, our lead support provider, for more information.