The following is a list of freely available resources to help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on their journey to Net Zero. Whether you have an action plan in place, or don’t know where to begin, these resources can help you move towards a more sustainable business model.

There are lots of actions a business can take to reduce its environmental impact, but it can be helpful to first understand the degree of carbon emissions associated with your business operation.

We are currently running a consultation to understand what decarbonisation support is required by our business community. The responses to this survey will shape support and grants offered in the future. We would be grateful if you could complete this quick survey so we can better understand your requirements. Have Your Say Today - SME Decarbonisation Support Survey - East Devon Private Surveys (

If you want to measure your carbon footprint…

Free, online carbon measuring tools are available at:

If you are looking for sector specific resources and toolkits, a comprehensive list is available as part of the Emission Possible WWF Toolkit.

If you want to learn more about business sustainability…

If you want specialist support…

  • Prosper, the new business support service for East Devon, Exeter, and Mid Devon, offers a broad range of business support programmes. This includes dedicated Net Zero support, including 1:1 support from an adviser. Use the form on their website to register your interest
  • The University of Exeter's Green Consultants Scheme offers employers the opportunity to work with students looking to start careers in the environmental and sustainability sector
  • The government's ‘Find a Grant’ service enables you to search for live opportunities to apply for grant funding
  • Loans are available from several banks to support the purchase of decarbonisation equipment. A list of opportunities is available on the British Business Bank website
  • If you have resources to do this, there are different companies you can engage to assist you in measuring your carbon footprint and developing an action plan to reduce your emissions