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1. Business Rates change of address

Whether you are moving in to, out of, or within East Devon, please tell us by emailing

Please provide:

  • Your full name(s) and your address
  • Will you own, rent or lease the property?
  • A copy of the lease/licence/tenancy agreement
  • Your tenancy agreement start date or completion of sale date and, if different, the date that you are moving in
  • If you want to claim a relief or reduction
  • Your previous address
  • The name of the landlord or new owner at your previous address
  • Will you be paying by Direct Debit? Set it up now on either 1st or 17th of the month and over 10 or 12 months? 
  • Your contact number(s)

Once we have received all the information, your details will be updated and a bill issued to you.

Please note: To change a property address, please email who will register this with Royal Mail.