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1. Business Rates FAQs

Popular questions about Business Rates.


  1. What are Business Rates and when are bills sent?
  2. Why have you sent me a Business Rates bill when I don’t run a business?
  3. My rent is inclusive of Business Rates so why do I get a bill?
  4. My landlord said I wouldn’t have to pay rates, why have you sent me a bill?
  5. How is the Business Rate calculated?
  6. What is a rateable value & how to search for them
  7. What do I do if I think my property’s rateable value is wrong or my property is not fit for use?
  8. I have appealed to the Valuation Office Agency to reduce the rateable value of my property, do I still have to pay?
  9. The description of my property includes the words “and premises”; am I also being billed for the domestic part of the building?
  10. What is the “transition” shown on my bill?
  11. How can I contact the Valuation Office Agency?
  12. Are there any rate reliefs, discounts or exemptions available?
  13. What happens if my property is left empty?
  14. I work from home; do I have to pay Business Rates?
  15. Why do I have to pay separately for the removal of business refuse?
  16. What happens if I have problems paying?
  17. What happens if I do not pay as requested?