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7. Woodland burials

We offer non-denominational woodland burials at Seaton cemetery.

Woodland burials allow a natural form of burial within an area especially dedicated to the creation of a flourishing woodland. Seaton cemetery offers views over the surrounding countryside. Those who have chosen a woodland burial will be contributing to the creation of a new sanctuary for wild plants, birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  

The cemetery is managed to evolve in a way that will bring enjoyment to the local community and future generations.  

Only biodegradable coffins and adornments will be permitted allowing the area to remain as natural as possible. After an interment the area will be returned to grass. We will plant trees and shrubs, at our discretion, to enhance the woodland feel. Any tree planted will be a living memorial of great longevity. No individual markers or monuments will be allowed on any grave although there may be an opportunity to site benches within the woodland area onto which memorials may be inscribed.

Traditional or non-religious funeral practices may be followed, either with or without the services and guidance of a funeral director. The professional services of a grave digger must be employed for health and safety reasons.

Only single body burials are permitted in the woodlands cemetery. An exclusive right of burial certificate may not be purchased for the woodlands cemetery.

There is a cost for a woodland burial.

Apply for burial in the woodlands cemetery.