Closure of East Devon’s Council offices

We want to reassure you that while our offices are currently closed to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are still open for business with regard to managing and accepting cemetery burial and interment bookings.

The council continues to review our current procedures on a daily and weekly basis in response to any changes locally and nationally. Guidance and advice for Cemeteries and Crematoria was received on 18 and 23 March 2020 and you may well receive your own updates from the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Funeral Services

Further government guidance to ensure funerals are conducted safely has been published by Public Health England being consistent with social distancing at funerals.

Booking Burials and Interments

Funeral directors are now encouraged to use online electronic burial bookings. The offices are now closed to the public and interment notices should be sent by email rather than taken into the office and to avoid delays in the postal service.

Funeral directors are encouraged to send forms by email and we will check they have been received. All bookings remain as being provisional until confirmed, during normal working office hours you will receive a response to all online booking and email requests.

We appreciate advanced notice of burials and interments as our staff need time to examine burial registers and records. The current requirement for receiving the notice of interment at least 48 hours in advance should be adhered to thank you.

Please fill out our online burial form

Please be aware that the situation is ever evolving and guidance may need to be updated in line with Government guidance when it is issued. If you require any further information, clarification or to make a provisional booking please email