Wooded area with a path running through the trees and bluebells
Wooded area with a path running through the trees and bluebells

Turn your fruit and veg waste into something useful

Want to make your own compost? You’ll need a compost bin which you can buy half price through the through Get Composting website : Devon County Council [DEV] Subsidised Recycling Programme Offers – GetComposting or check out Freecycle: Front Door that has lots of free or cheap second hand compost bins. Facebook Marketplace will also have many on sale – you don’t need to spend a fortune!

Use this guide to make your compost, it’ll take 9-12 months to create: How to Compost - Recycle Devon

If you’ve been busy making compost and it is ready to go, then work this into your beds, borders and patches ready for planting! If you have a no-dig garden, then just add a thick layer of compost on top.

Gardening can be good for your mind and your body- not just your belly!

Did you know that spending 2 hours in nature per week really can make you healthier and happier? Research shows that spending time in nature could boost your body and mind, so gardening in your outdoor spaces can not only provide you with tasty food to eat (we all know that home grown tomatoes taste the best!) but it’s providing you with health benefits too.

Attract more wildlife to your outdoor spaces

Since the 1930s we have lost nearly 97% of flower-rich meadows- but by keeping your lawns long you can help reduce this number and provide food for our much-loved pollinators. By letting grass grow and wildflowers bloom, you can help feed and home our much-loved wildlife.

For fun activities that will help biodiversity in your garden at other times of the year, tips on how to compost and more, click here:  Biodiversity starts on your Doorstep - East Devon


To find out what we are doing to improve greenspaces for wildlife and more, visit:  Biodiversity starts on your Doorstep - East Devon

After a long, cold winter, if you can spare the time, why not take a look at some volunteering opportunities that will take you outdoors!