A wooden snowman with a robin perching on top
A wooden snowman with a robin perching on top

How stay warm at home

Our Community Hubs are ready to welcome you this Winter!

We have seven Community Hubs open this Winter, they are completely free, with a hot home cooked meal each day, alongside activities, benefits advice, and support. Anyone in need of a warm and friendly atmosphere is welcome! 

To find your nearest warm hub take a look at the timetable: Community Hubs - East Devon

How to avoid feeling isolated

  • On our Community page there are links to the Thelma Hulbert Gallery that holds free activities and exhibitions and Wild East Devon events that you can come and join in with: Community - East Devon.
  • Check on your neighbours, especially if bad weather is forecast. See if they need help stocking food or if they have enough medication.

Mood boosters

  • Let the light in
    • Whilst it’s light during the day, push back the curtains or sit near a window to get as much vitamin D as you can. This is also important for ventilation to reduce chance of mould growth, so open the windows even if it is just for a few minutes.