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4. The results

Pay and display charges in 41 of our 46 car parks

91% agreed with keeping the charges of 50p per half hour and £1 an hour the same in our pay and display car parks.

Charges for the five car parks that are currently different to the rest

69% agreed with our proposals to bring charges in the five cheaper car parks in line with charges in other similar car parks. Of those that disagreed 20% felt we should do nothing and keep the current lower charges.

Car Park Permits

36% of respondents that currently have car park permits agreed with proposal to get rid of Residents Permits, Town / Area Permits, Economy and All East Devon Permits and replace them with Single Village or Town Permits, All Car Park Permits and Business Permits, compared to 53% of those without one. Of those with a current car park permit 45% said that we should just keep the current system.

Overall 41% agreed with our proposal. Of those that disagreed:

  • 38% said we should keep the current permit system.
  • 19% said we should do something else – the most popular suggestions were for the All Car Parks Permit to allow parking for longer than three hours in long stay car parks, and to keep the current Residents Permits.

Residents Permits

53% disagreed with getting rid of Residents Permits. The main reasons they disagreed were:

  • Residents need or want to park near their homes, it would be impossible for them to do this without Residents Permits. Most mentioned Lympstone and Camperdown car parks.
  • Getting rid of Residents Permits would just cause more inconsiderate, illegal and inconsiderate on street parking which is already not policed.

Further results:

  • 93% of those with Residents Permits disagreed with us getting rid of them, compared to 46% of people without a Residents Permit. 54% of people without a Residents Permit agreed with us stopping providing them.
  • 42% said we should keep Residents Permits and offer them in more car parks, 17% said we should keep Residents Permits but shouldn’t offer them in other car parks. 41% agreed with us stopping Residents Permits.
  • 32% said we should keep Residents Permits and not limit them to one per household, 32% said we should keep them but not limit them to one per household. 36% agreed with us stopping Residents Permits.

Town / Area Permits, Economy Permits and All East Devon Permits

57% of respondents had a Town / Area Permit, Economy Permit or an All East Devon Permit. Of those that had a permit, 51% said the new proposed permits would meet their needs, 49% said that they wouldn’t, mainly because:

  • They need to park regularly in all or most of the locations their current Town / Area Permit covers.
  • The All Car Parks Permit needs to allow people to park for longer than 3 hours in long stay car parks.
  • Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton need to be covered jointly by one permit.

Business Permits

73% agreed with the proposals for Business Users Permits. Of the 27% that disagreed the most common reason was that £500 was too much.

Reserved car parking in Temple Street, Sidmouth

69% agreed with us turning 8 of the public free to use car park spaces into reserved bays for residents. Of the 31% that disagreed the majority, 22% said we should keep the current arrangement.

Exmouth Pavilion car park

69% said we should offer discounted or free car parking to certain people using or visiting the Pavilion in Exmouth, whether that is in the Pavilion car park or a different long stay car park up to ten minutes walk away.

Full details of which categories of Pavilion users / visitors respondents felt should receive discounts, free parking or no discounts can be seen in the full report. A few points:

  • 49% - customers of markets and other events should receive no discount or free parking.
  • 50% - organisers running exercise classes, educational classes or running other clubs or groups should receive a full refund of charges in the Pavilion car park.
  • 52% - people putting on a show or concert should receive a full refund of charges in the car park.

When asked for suggestions on how we might manage this car park to generate income to pay for its maintenance the most popular suggestion was to make it pay and display like everywhere else.

Phear Park, Exmouth

62% agreed with our proposal to introduce pay and display parking at the public car park in Phear Park, Exmouth. Of the 38% that disagreed:

  • 16% said we should keep the current arrangement.
  • 12% said the proposed charges should be lower.
  • 10% said we should do something else. When the 10% were asked what we should do the most common suggestion was to fine and clamp people parking on the grass and pavements and patrol the area.

Church Street, Sidford

  • 78% agreed with the proposal to reserve some car parking spaces in the pay and display car park in Sidford for nearby Sidford residents. 18% thought this should be under 10 spaces, 53% opted for 10 to 19 spaces and 23% supported 20 to 29 spaces being reserved for residents.
  • 64% agreed with the proposal of introducing free public car parking in Sidford’s public car park for the first two hours than charging £1 an hour after that. Of the 36% that disagreed, 23% of those disagreed and said the charges should be in line with other council car parks.

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