Guide Car Park Review

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2. Why we did it

There are four main reasons we were reviewing our car parks:

  1. A lot more people want to park in some of our car parks than there are spaces available, making it difficult to find a space. We want to free up capacity in some of our car parks so more people will have more of a chance to park where and when they want to.
  2. To make it fairer. For historical reasons, some of our car parks cost less to park in than others, just because that’s the way it’s always been.
  3. To simplify charges and permits. Currently the different levels of charges in our pay and display car parks, and the variety of different parking permits can be confusing.
  4. We also need to make improvements to car parks, and the changes proposed would help afford these improvements:
  • Car park users are increasingly using contactless payment cards to pay for their parking, rather than cash. It costs money to be able to provide car park machines that can accept contactless bankcard payments.
  • A number of the parking machines are in a poor condition and need replacing soon.
  • Car park users have also started to ask for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle charging points.