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6. What are we trying to achieve?

Our engagement activity will help us to:

  • be more open and answerable.
  • focus on communities - groups of people interested in the same issues or place, or both.
  • build strong ties with local communities and organisations.
  • make quality decisions.
  • continue to develop services.


Engaging with groups and communities will enable them to participate in decision-making and to have more influence, choice, and control over the way in which local services are shaped and delivered.

By engaging with the people of East Devon we will find out more about the services they want and need. We will make sure services are delivered within the funding available and offering best value for money, while keeping our part of the council tax bill low. We will make improvements when right to do so and funds allow, joining up services to meet need and improve matters. We aim to continue to improve people’s lives, and make sure East Devon remains an outstanding place.

Engaging with the people of East Devon, taking into account those with equalities needs such as people with physical disabilities, and those harder to engage, is key to putting our plans into action.

We will engage on:

  • helping communities to help themselves.
  • council decisions, services and performance.
  • saving money and managing the impact of spending reductions on services that matter most, which also enables us to be the voice of East Devon and its people when working with central Government.
  • changing the way services are provided.