How we did it

We invited over 1,000 residents and businesses who are risk of flooding or whose properties could be affected by the proposed options to a consultation event at Exmouth Town Hall, as well as advertising the event through our website, social media and a press release. A series of posters and videos were presented explaining the background to the scheme and the options  that are being considered, with people invited to leave feedback. For those who were unable to attend, information was provided by post or on our website.


Summary of the results

In Area A North of Imperial Recreation Ground

  • the majority of respondents were in favour of the proposed walls and land raising
  • some concerns were raised of visual impacts and views across the estuary

In Area B around Camperdown Creek

  • over 50% of people preferred the options of ramps or gates
  • concerns were raised over the impact on access to the water and impacts on properties of constructing walls along the rear of properties

In Area C

  • 40% of people who responded preferred Option 1 (walls/gates the landward side of the Esplanade)
  • With 25% expressing a preference for Option 2 (the same as Option 1 but including raising the sea wall) and almost 30% preferred Option 3 to create a large rock revetment in front of the existing sea wall
  • Concerns were raised over the possibly loss of the beach with the rock revetment, and the effect of any works on listed structures and the conservation area.


What we are doing about what you told us

The vast majority of results were very positive, and the project team were encouraged by the enthusiasm of local people for improvements to Exmouth’s flood defences.

The project team have considered all the responses, and concerns raised alongside technical, environmental and cost/benefit analysis before deciding on a preferred option which has been included in a business case for government funding.

The detailed design and construction of the scheme is being led by the Environment Agency, you can find all the latest information including more recent consultation at