Guide Recycling and waste trial questionnaire

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2. Before the trial started

  • 51% of people took their waste cardboard to the recycling centre, 49% put it in their grey wheelie bin or gull sack and a few people burnt it.
  • 75% of people put their mixed plastics into their grey wheelie bin or gull sack and 25% took it to the recycling centre.
  • 69% felt ‘very well informed’ about the trial before it started, a further 27% felt ‘fairly well informed’. The most common comments from people that were not ‘very well informed’ were that they wanted a more comprehensive list of what can and can’t go in each receptacle and how clean it needs to be and they wanted to be told about the trial earlier through personal correspondence.  

What we are doing about what you told us in this section:

The vast majority of you were positive about the improved recycling and three weekly wheelie bin collection trials. This is very reassuring as it shows you want to recycle more, with nearly half of you starting to recycle your cardboard and mixed plastics through the trial when you had been putting them in your grey wheelie bin or gull sack.

Councillors have recently decided that the new style of recycling and waste service you have been trialling should be rolled out across the district. We are in the process of procuring a new contract and will be able to announce details of the new recycling and waste service after 25 February 2016.