Guide Recycling and waste trial questionnaire

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3. During the trial

  • 73% said they could fit their recycling into the recycling box and bag every week, 18% said it would fit most of the time but not all. 9% said it didn’t fit the majority of the time.
  • 50% were ‘very satisfied’ with the recycling bag and 29% were ‘fairly satisfied’, 13% were ‘dissatisfied’. Those that were not ‘very satisfied’ stated it was mainly because the rain gets in and they want a waterproof container, the bag blows around in the wind and the bag doesn’t seal which causes several issues. Some said they would prefer an extra green box or wheelie bin to put recycling in.

What we are doing about what you told us in this section:

Although only a small number of people were dissatisfied with the recycling bag we have taken their comments on board. We will look again at the style of the bag and what materials can be put in the box and the bag and in particular so the paper remains dry.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a wheeled bin for recycling. This is because we have a system where recycling is picked up from your home and sorted straight away into various boxes on a vehicle at the kerbside, so the vehicles do not have the lifts they would need to empty wheelie bins.

We looked at the option of supplying an extra green box, but feel this is less useful for bulkier items of recycling such as card and mixed plastics.

We will need to agree the containers you will put your recycling into and which recycling materials go into which containers with the new contractor providing our recycling and waste service. We’ll let you know what these will be when we launch the new service.