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6. The trial overall

  • 77% said it was ‘very easy’ to take part in the trial and a further 17% felt it was ‘fairly easy’. 2% stated it was difficult to take part.
  • Those that felt it was anything less than ‘very easy’ mainly commented that they would prefer an extra wheelie bin instead of the box and bag, they wanted improved information about what can and can’t go in each receptacle and reminders about when the grey wheelie bin needed to go out.   
  • 71% were ‘very satisfied’ with the trial overall and a further 24% were ‘fairly satisfied’.
  • Those that weren’t ‘very satisfied’ mainly said that there is significantly more recycling litter on the roads and pavements after collection and that landfill waste needs to be collected every two weeks. 

What we are doing about what you told us in this section:

It is great to see the overall support for the trial, with the majority of people finding it easy to take part.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a wheeled bin for recycling. This is because we have a system where recycling is picked up from your home and sorted straight away into various boxes on a vehicle at the kerbside, so the vehicles do not have the lifts they would need to empty wheelie bins.

One of the Councils priorities is “Delivering and promoting our outstanding environment” so we are keen to make sure our recycling service does not adversely affect this by littering the streets. We have spent a lot of time monitoring collections to ensure crews are not littering and are picking up anything they drop. Unfortunately there are times when the weather is against us and causes recycling and waste to be blown around which then has to be collected by our street cleansing teams. Residents can help prevent this by making sure they contain all their recycling and keep lids on the boxes to prevent material from escaping.

These trials have provided overwhelming evidence that with the improved recycling collections, enough space is created in the grey wheelie bin to allow collections to be made every three weeks, a change that the majority of you involved in the trials have engaged with and made possible through your excellent recycling. Thank you!

Councillors have recently decided that the new style of recycling and waste service you have been trialling should be rolled out across the district. We are in the process of procuring a new contract and will be able to announce details of the new recycling and waste service after 25 February 2016.