Guide Recycling and waste trial questionnaire

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4. Wheelie bin collection

  • 35% said their wheelie bin was full when it was collected and 5% said it was overfull. 60% said it was three quarters full or less.
  • 26% of people whose wheelie bin was overfull called us for help, and one of those 4 people were entitled to a bigger bin. Of those that didn’t ask us for help the majority didn’t know they could contact us for help or didn’t think it would be helpful.

What we are doing about what you told us in this section:

It is amazing how you have embraced the trial and started to recycle more than you throw away. This has resulted in most people still having space in their wheeled bin after three weeks.

We sent all properties information about the trial on three separate occasions, a letter five-six weeks before, a flyer three to four weeks before and a bin hanger at the start of the trial. On all these pieces of information we put our contact details to say we were on hand to help if anybody had concerns and were surprised more people didn’t contact us. We also ran several road shows in the local area which gave residents the opportunity to come and ask questions. We would still like to hear from anyone who is having problems with the trial and have continued our regular inspections of these areas, keeping an eye out for any over full bins. We also provide fact sheets or have contacted residents directly where we have found a problem.

We are here to help. This has been our message through the trial and will continue to be our key message through any new service roll out. We can discuss issues over the phone, but we are more than happy to come and meet you at your home if you want help or advice.