This consultation was about helping us understand how to protect Seaton from coastal erosion and flooding for the next 100 years.

We were working with a variety of organisations to write a Beach Management Plan for Seaton. We wanted residents and other interested people and organisations to have their say as well. 

The Seaton Beach Management Plan had four main aims:

  1. Ensure Seaton’s Coastal Defences provide an appropriate Standard of Service
  2. Determine an appropriate management regime for Axmouth spit
  3. To compliment Seaton Town Council’s vision for the Seafront
  4. Carry out (1), (2) and (3) in an integrated, justifiable and sustainable way.

We held a public consultation in the Summer of 2017 to find out what people initially thought, and to ask them for any information or research they held that could help decide what to do. We considered all the responses we received and produced a report.

We held another public consultation in the Winter of 2017 to get people's views on potential options to manage the risk of coastal erosion, and coastal flooding from Axmouth spit to Seaton Hole. We considered all the responses and produced a report.

Find out more about the Seaton Beach Management Plan and what stage we are currently at.