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3. Summer 2016 proposal and results from consultation on it

In Summer 2016 we asked residents, organisations and businesses what they thought of a proposal to designate the whole of East Devon as a consent street. This would have meant that if anyone wanted to street trade or have a street market in East Devon they would have to apply to us for permission, we would consider their application and either give or refuse them a licence to trade.

We received 198 completed questionnaires back. The results of this consultation showed there was a desire to extend street trading / street market opportunities in East Devon, with the notable exception of Sidmouth respondents who were overwhelmingly against any relaxation of their existing rules on street trading. Static businesses from throughout East Devon also expressed concern that street trading / street markets would take away their trade.

A report with more detailed analysis of the findings and with recommendations on the next steps  was presented to the council’s Overview Committee on 29 November 2016. The recommendations from this meeting changed the original proposal in light of the Summer 2016 consultation. The revised proposal, as approved by the council's Licensing and Enforcement Committee on 15 February 2017 is outlined in the next section.