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5. Why we proposed this change

  • More people were asking us if they could trade on the streets and public support for things like farmers markets, continental markets and Christmas markets had increased.
  • We were very unusual in having so many prohibited streets and such a blanket restriction. East Devon is a local economy typified by small businesses and sole traders. The more modern approach taken by other district authorities was to reduce the number of prohibited streets but make the whole of their district a consent street to keep control of and positively manage street trading. 
  • Local markets presented us with an opportunity to promote new start up businesses. Allowing people to set up in a low cost, low risk way and learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • The process of changing the designation of a street or area takes months and was expensive.
  • There was a significant and growing amount of evidence that markets and street trading can have a very positive impact on local areas and their economies.