Guide Draft Councillor Code of Conduct

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2. Definitions

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of this Code of Conduct;

2.2 a “councillor” means a member or co-opted member of East Devon District Council.

2.3 a “co-opted member” means a person who is not a member of East Devon District Council but who;
a) sits on any committee or sub-committee of the Council, or;
b) represents the Council on, any joint committee or joint sub- committee of the Council;
whether or not they are entitled to vote on any question that falls to be decided at any meeting of that committee or sub-committee.

2.4 a “disclosable pecuniary interest” means an interest of yours, or of your partner if you are aware of your partner's interest, within the descriptions set out in Table 1 of Appendix B.

2.5 a "meeting" means any meeting of:

  • the Council;
  • the Cabinet of the Council;
  • any of the Council’s or the Cabinet’s, Committees, Sub-Committees, joint Committees, or Joint Sub-committees;
  • one or more councillors, formal or informal and with or without officers, relating to the discharge of the Council’s functions where a formal record is made by a Council officer.

2.6 a "partner" means a spouse or civil partner, or a person with whom you are living as if you are a married couple, or a person with whom you are living as if you are civil partners.

2.7 a “sensitive interest” is as an interest which, if disclosed, could lead to the councillor, or a person connected with the councillor, being subject to violence or intimidation.