Guide Cranbrook Community Questionnaire 2016

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7. What happens next

The results (all anonymised) have been sent to East Devon District Council, the Growth Point Team, Cranbrook Town Council, Devon County Council (Travel Devon and Public Health) and other interested parties who would find them useful. 

The results were reported to our Cabinet on 5 April 2017. See the agenda and notes from this meeting when they are ready.  

People that completed the questionnaire could leave their email address for us to send them the results of the survey directly, and feedback on what we are doing with the results.

The results will be used to help us all make the case for new facilities and services, and bring them forward at the right time. Without residents' direct input, it makes it much harder to do this.

We'll be asking the organisations that included questions how they are using the results, and what difference they are making, so we can let residents know what happens as a result of the questionnaire. This will also be put online.

For example, in 2015 residents really wanted a pub (due to be open after Easter 2017) and more for young people to do (Community Development Worker has made this a priority, including working with young people to start a community ‘mocktail’ bar and pop-up cafe). There was also strong support for a leisure centre, a swimming pool and a gym which is being used to make the case for these new facilities being put in.