Guide Cranbrook Young People's Questionnaire 2016

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5. Not enough activities

Young people said:

  • 74% said there isn’t enough for young people to do, this has gone down from 94% last year. When asked what they would like added the most popular requests were for; a skate park; more shops; a swimming pool; a leisure centre and sports pitches and more stuff for older teenagers.
  • When asked what they would like the facility or space in Cranbrook for young people to be the most popular suggestions were for a swimming pool (19), skate park (9), cinema (9), more shops (8), music rehearsal space (7) and youth centre (7).
  • When asked what one small thing they would like to happen in Cranbrook to make it better for young people, a couple of the most popular comments were; more parks and play area; more places for teenagers to go.

The Cranbrook Community Development Worker's response:

Again, it will be some time until the planned Skate park, Leisure centre, youth facility and shops are built. The developer consortium and the various councils have been working on finding ways to bring some of these forward so that they can be built earlier than planned.

Smaller scale additional activities such as the Youth Genesis youth club, the monthly youth film club and the monthly community mocktail and pop-up café evening show that slowly more social spaces and activities are being created. The town also has many active groups such as scouts, guides as well activities run by Exeter City Football in the Community, LED Leisure and others in the evening at the Cranbrook Education Campus.

The growing Rotary Club, recently established in the town is beginning to put on more family activities within the town as well as organising large scale events. The need for more parks and play area should be addressed as the town grows.