Guide Cranbrook Young People's Questionnaire 2016

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2. The results

 Summary of results

  • The best things about living in Cranbrook are; the friendly people, their friends and the community; the parks and open spaces; the nearby shops. Last year the friendly people, friends and community wasn’t even mentioned in the top list.
  • The worst things are; the bad behaviour of the teenagers and some kids; there’s nothing to do or not enough to do; needs more shops. This is a slight change from last year when the need for more facilities and activities was at the top.
  • 74% said there isn’t enough for young people to do, this has gone down from 94% last year. When asked what they would like added the most popular requests were for; a skate park; more shops; a swimming pool; a leisure centre and sports pitches and more stuff for older teenagers. This is similar to 2015.
  • 83% feel part of the community in Cranbrook, last year this was only 43%.
  • 83% were aware that the youth van comes to Cranbrook every Monday and Thursday, 52% of those that were aware of it had visited the youth van. Of those that were aware of it but hadn’t been there their largest concern were the teenagers that go there and cause trouble. Not much change since last year.
  • 52% are aware of the drop in health clinic, 47% of the people that were aware of it had used it. When asked for comments on the drop in health clinic the most common comments were that it was very good.
  • What asked what they would like the facility or space in Cranbrook for young people to be the most popular suggestions were for a swimming pool (19), skate park (9), cinema (9), more shops (8), music rehearsal space (7) and youth centre (7).
  • When asked what one small thing they would like to happen in Cranbrook to make it better for young people, the most popular comments were; more parks and play area; more places for teenagers to go; stop teenagers anti-social behaviour.