Guide Cranbrook Young People's Questionnaire 2016

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1. What we did

We carry out the Cranbrook Community Questionnaire every year. There’s a wide range of organisations involved in planning the future of Cranbrook and what people that live in Cranbrook tell us in the questionnaire can make a difference.

Again, this year as last year, we included a questionnaire for young people aged between 11 and 18, so we can also help make Cranbrook better for them! 

The questionnaire was prepared by Action East Devon (AED) and East Devon District Council and sent to every home in Cranbrook in the post along with the Cranbrook Community Questionnaire. In addition questionnaires were completed by young people at the Cranbrook Youth Van and also at the new secondary school part of the Education Campus in Cranbrook.

Young people that live in Cranbrook could fill in the 2016 questionnaire up until 16 January 2017.

Response rate

We don’t know how many young people aged 11 to 18 live in Cranbrook, but suspect it is not that many. We received 72 completed questionnaires back.

 86% of the respondents were aged 11 to 13, 9% aged 14 to 16 and 5% aged 17 or 18. Caution should be taken as the vast majority of respondents were aged 11 to 13 so the results will mainly reflect their concerns.

 Caution should also be taken with the results as only 72 completed questionnaires were received back. Although this is likely to represent a significant amount of the young people that actually live in Cranbrook, it means that a small amount of people’s views make a significant difference to the results.

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