As we need to help make homes and business premises more energy efficient to reduce carbon emissions, we're carrying out a study with the University of Exeter to understand:

  • How energy efficient existing homes and business premises are.
  • Whether people would be willing to make existing homes and business premises more energy efficient and if so, how.
  • If a new scheme offering a discounts would help encourage them to improve  their home or businesses energy efficiency.

As part of this, in December 2019 we sent out two questionnaires in the post:

  1. One to homes in the Exe Valley area.
  2. One to a selection of East Devon business premises.

The closing date for responses was 9 February 2020. Thanks to all the residents and business premises that filled in their questionnaires and sent them back to us. We'll now work with Exeter University to analyse the results.

This study is paid for by the government, who will use recommendations from it to understand if a financial incentive would support residents and businesses to improve energy efficiency of homes and business premises.