Every year we invite four schools to take part in the Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day, each send ten Year 6 pupils who then get to experience some of our services. 

Throughout the day youngsters get the chance to take part in a number of activities, including:

  • Recycling workshops where they took the roles of different countries and try to make the most of that countries resources.
  • They took part in a mock council meeting with the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, and got to try and help the council balance its budget.
  • Staff from the Housing team helped them discover what was important about the communities in their local area.
  • A grotty mock-up cafe kitchen gave the pupils the chance to play detective and spot all the things which would be a danger to food hygiene and health and safety.  This showed the job the Council does in inspecting restaurants and food premises, but also meant youngsters will be more aware of risks at home.

If you are part of a school and would like your school to receive an invitation please contact us.