There are projects going on to spend £250,000 of sports money and over £100,000 of play money that is available in Sidmouth. All of this funding has come from new homes created in Sidmouth, called section 106 agreements. 

These are joint projects with Sidmouth Town Council.


In 2013 we gathered in ideas from the community on how £250,000 of section 106 money from new homes in Sidmouth should be spent. We received nine eligible, affordable and possible ideas from the community and from sporting organisations. These were added to two strategic town council projects. 

443 residents of Sidmouth voted on which of the proposals should be funded. The successful ideas were: 

  • Improvements to cycling around Sidmouth. A cycle route linking some residential areas with the Woolbrook area, in particular to allow easier cycling to school and college. Including improved cycle parking at the schools and local shops. It might be the first part of a future Sidmouth to Feniton cycle route. £100,000.
    Update: This has been completed by Devon County Council who are in charge of cycleways. 
  • Improvement of Sidmouth Rugby Clubs two pitches and training area at Sidford. This would level the field and put in a drainage system. Applied for: £40,000    Total project cost: £190,000
    Update: This project is being carried out by Sidmouth Rugby Club. 
  • Levelling the current cricket outfield and refurbishing the practice nets at Sidmouth Cricket Club to allow for more coaching and competitive matches. Project cost: £25,000. 
    Update: This project is being carried out by Sidmouth Cricket Club.
  • All age outdoor gym equipment in Sidmouth, free to use. This would be traditional gym equipment suitable for outdoor use. Project cost: £15,000.
    Update: Residents got to decide the final design of the outdoor gym. This has now been installed in Stowford near the community centre. 
  • Replacing the broken training lights at Sidmouth Amateur Football Club so they can train safely on dark evenings. Project cost: £1,600.
    Update: This project is being carried out by Sidmouth Amateur Football Club. 
  • Adding an all weather strip to the edge of the cricket square at Sidbury Cricket Club to allow more people to play. Project cost: £9,000. 
    Update: This is being carried out by Sidbury Cricket Club. 
  • A new all weather multi use games area in central or lower Sidmouth including markings and goals for sports such as basketball, netball, five a side football and skill walls. Project cost: £60,000.
    Update: This will be placed on the site of the old multi use games area near the Sidmouth Youth Club building. The land has been transferred from Devon County Council to Sidmouth Town Council. We are helping Sidmouth Town Council get in designs for the new multi use games area.


There is over £100,000 to spend on play in Sidmouth. We have worked with Sidmouth Children’s Centre, Sidbury Primary School and Sidmouth College to find out what the children and young people want to spend the money on. They then get to vote on which of a choice of designs they want to go in.

Sidmouth Town Councillors decided that £29,000 should be spent on Byes Lane play area in Sidford (bearing in mind that it has to be spent within 600 metres of the development that contributed the money). 

We are currently asking play companies to submit their designs to us with the budget and the specifications of the children and young people. Once we have designs back from several companies local children and young people will get to vote on which design is installed.