Guide Guide for town and parish councils

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3. How can we access sports and play money?

There are important procedures that need to be followed to ensure that you, the town or parish council, are allocated your funds. If you get in touch with our section 106 officer, she will tell you how much money is available.

By following the simple process outlined in the rest of this information, you can make sure the funds are allocated correctly and speedily:

  • Set up a steering group with town and parish council representatives and other relevant organisations. This steering group should ensure that local people know what is happening. Town and parish newsletters are a good way to do this.
  • Set up a meeting with our section 106 officer, community engagement officer and your steering group. At this meeting you should look carefully at the process and decide what work your steering group is willing and able to do to ensure the funds are spent appropriately. A schedule of future face-to-face meetings must also be agreed. Either the steering group or the section 106 officer and/or community engagement officer will write up an action plan outlining what will happen and when, and who is responsible for each stage of the process. Relevant East Devon District councillors should be made aware of the process and invited along to meetings where appropriate so they can also help town and parish councils if needed.
  • Our section 106 and/or community engagement officers are able to advise, or be involved in, every stage of planning events and activities to publicise the projects. They are a very useful resource and are happy to help. However, if the steering group decides not to ask them to get actively involved, then you must make sure are kept fully informed of any activities or events that are planned before any action is taken.
  • Our communications officer will be able to offer support with publicity for your events. You should make sure our section 106 officer and/ or community engagement officer should make sure that they are aware of any planned activities well in advance. This is a valuable resource, as the communications officer has a comprehensive list of media contacts and will be able to issue press releases or statements on your behalf. Budgets are always under pressure and this is a good way to gain free publicity.
  • Children and young people must be given an opportunity to vote on the projects. Play and sport is particularly relevant to them so their votes need to be actively sought. If this is to be done by you, the advice of our community engagement officer must be sought on how to do this most effectively and in line with child protection guidance.