Guide Public Toilet Review 2021

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1. The proposals

We made proposals about the future of our public toilets service, and asked residents, town and parish councils, businesses and others for their views on our proposals. The consultation was open from early July 2021 until 1 October 2021.

The proposals that we consulted on listed the public toilets we currently have and proposed what could happen to them in the future to protect and improve important public toilets sites, whilst also balancing the costs of what we can afford.

  • It was based on some guiding principles to try to ensure we get the right toilet in the right place, these factors included:
  • How much the public toilets are used.
  • The proximity to other sites and walking distances for people to find a toilet.
  • Possible alternative uses, some of which could include public toilets provided by other businesses or organisations or additional amenity uses such as cafes and community facilities.
  • Opportunities for innovation, such as asking people to pay to use the toilets so we can continue to provide and invest in them.