Guide Viewpoint Survey 2018

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3. Collecting your waste results

  • 83% satisfaction with the black wheelie bin or gull sack collection. This compares to 88% in 2016.
  • 90% satisfaction with green box recycling collection, a significant rise of 5% more residents than in 2016.
  • 88% satisfaction with the green sack recycling collection.
  • 88% satisfaction with the small grey food caddy and 91% satisfaction with the large blue food caddy.
  • 79% were satisfied with the green waste wheelie bin collection.

Comments relating to collecting your waste

These three comments are similar to previous years:

  • 11% (66) wanted a more regular black wheelie bin collection, most mentioned fortnightly.
  • 5% (29) commented that refuse collectors needed to take more care of receptacles, putting them back carefully where they were placed for collection.
  • 5% (29) said that the collection lorries and refuse collectors shouldn’t drop litter all over the roads.

These comments did not feature in previous years:

  • 4% (24) wanted the new green waste collections to be cheaper or free.
  • 2% (14) stated that the green recycling sack isn’t a good design. Reasons given included that it doesn’t fasten properly, that it smells, and gets blown around.
  • 2% (13) wanted us to collect more plastics for recycling, most mentioned plastic film.