Guide Viewpoint Survey 2018

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2. Overall questions results

  • 91% were satisfied with their local areas as a place to live.
  • 65% are satisfied overall with the way EDDC runs things – 14% were dissatisfied.* This compares to 66% who were satisfied in 2016.
  • 77% feel that East Devon District Council keeps them informed about the services it provides - 23% do not. This compares to 74% in 2016.
  • 65% feel that the Council provides value for money – 10% disagreed. This compares with 67% in 2016.
  • 60% responded that the Council acts on what residents’ say – 44% disagreed. This compares with 56% in 2016.
  • 51% responded that the Council acts quickly – 14% disagreed. This compares with 51% in 2016.
  • 44% would speak positively about the Council – 17% would not. This compares with 42% in 2016.

Like other recent surveys, the Viewpoint Survey reinforces the fact most people would prefer to contact us by phone or through our website rather than visit our offices. 80% of people who have used our website in the last 6 months were satisfied with it, this compares to 84% in 2016, no significant change.

*Where scores do not add up to 100% this is because people did not express a view either way.

Comments relating to these results

In relation to the above results, where residents responded negatively we asked them to provide comment.

When asked why they were dissatisfied with their local area as a place to live, the most common reason given (2% of respondents, 13 people) was due to Devon County Council maintenance of roads, pavements, kerbsides and gutters. As a District Council, East Devon does not have specific control over these issues.

When asked for suggestions on how we can generate income to fill the funding gap the most common suggestions were:

  • Get second homes to pay full council tax, or more than full council tax (20 people, 3%).
  • Rebel against national government austerity / lobby MPs (16 people, 3%).
  • More fines and enforcement of fines (15 people, 2%).
  • Put up council tax (15 people, 2%).
  • Employ less staff, particularly middle management (13 people, 2%).
  • Encourage the public / voluntary and community groups to help look after the environment (11 people, 2%).
  • Hold more public events to raise funds (11 people, 2%).

We asked residents to give us examples on where they think we do not act on what residents say. 72 respondents (12% of all respondents) said regeneration, planning and development issues were the reason they feel we don’t act on what residents say. Including:

  • 6% (36 people) said that the Council should listen to residents and town/parish councils on planning matters.
  • 6% (37) gave the example of Exmouth seafront.
  • 15 respondents (2%) commented that some residents don’t want to see EDDC move from Knowle.

14 people (2%) commented that issues have taken too long to resolve.

When asked why they were dissatisfied with the Council overall, 19 respondents (3%) stated it was because the council didn’t listen to local residents and what they said, mainly over planning matters.

2% of respondents (10 people) stated that the website isn’t user friendly, they couldn’t find what they wanted easily.