Guide Viewpoint Surveys 2014

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2. Children and young people survey

We sent a link to an online questionnaire to children and young people via all schools in our area. A paper copy was sent out to each school with an accompanying letter, and a link to the questionnaire online. Reminder letters and a further copy of the questionnaire were sent out towards the closing date. Schools that completed the questionnaire were given the opportunity to enter a prize draw. We received 110 completed questionnaires.

Outdoor activities

  • 79 per cent feel playgrounds and play areas are good, 22 per cent feel they are poor. Those who feel they are poor mostly wanted new and improved equipment.
  • 68 per cent feel skate parks are good, 32 per cent feel they are poor. Those who feel they are poor mostly live in Axminster and Colyton where we do not run the skate parks.
  • 85 per cent feel playing fields are good, 15 per cent feel they are poor.
  • 88 per cent feel country parks, countryside and wildlife are good, 12 per cent feel they are poor.
  • 96 per cent feel it is important to look after the environment. The most common suggestions on improving it are picking up litter, stopping people littering, stopping building houses and putting more litter bins on the streets.
  • 24 per cent feel there is a problem with vandalism and graffiti (mainly in Exmouth and Axminster), and 34 per cent feel there is a problem with litter and rubbish.

Well-being, safety and services

  • 74 per cent say the weekly recycling service we provide is good, 25 per cent say it is poor. Of those who say it is poor want to be able to recycle cardboard, and want the bin operatives to stop dropping rubbish on the floor and if they do drop it to pick it up.
  • 93 per cent feel safe during the day, and 45 per cent feel safe after dark with 32 per cent feeling unsafe after dark. When asked what would make them feel safer most say they want more street lights or some street lights. They also want fewer drunk people.
  • 83 per cent feel levels of pollution are not really a problem, 84 per cent say noisy neighbours or loud parties are not really a problem. 77 per cent say people being drunk or rowdy in public places is not really a problem, 24 per cent feel it is.

Planning for the future

  • 54 per cent feel there is not enough to do in the town/ village where they live. They mostly want more parks, youth clubs/after school clubs, a skate park and nicer parks.
  • 61 per cent would not live in their town/village when they grew up - mainly because they want to explore the world and want to go to university. Some also said they would have to move to get a good job, it’s too noisy where they live and there is nothing to do.