Guide Voluntary, community and social enterprise sector support consultation

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2. A - The Vision

The vision for community and voluntary groups in East Devon could be:

  • The Voluntary and Community Sector is robust, recognised and valued for its role and contribution to shaping and delivering services that communities want and need across a diverse range of activities. The support can be:
    - financial (various Impact assessments show that a £ invested in the VCS can bring back up to eight times that)
    - social (advocating for those whose voices wouldn’t otherwise be heard) and
    - environmental (spreading good practice to all parts of the community).
    - place-making (vibrant, unique places where there is something for everyone, particularly those with less money to spend)
  • There is a clear shared vision around providing and encouraging innovative ways of making the most of limited resources available, improving service outcomes and meeting local needs.
  • Commissioners and Statutory Partners are able to benefit from innovative, responsive and accessible local services, knowing that any investment will bring improvements for our communities and our environment and will reach out to the more isolated and marginalised.
  • A strong and experienced contribution by Voluntary and Community Sector organisations to early intervention and prevention; thus avoiding or reducing the need for more complex and costly interventions and supporting and maintaining independence and a good quality of life for everyone.