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1. Introduction and questionnaire

Have your say on our discussion paper for voluntary, community and social enterprise sector support

East Devon has a vibrant and diverse Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector that provides a wide range of services, activities and support to residents in the district. The Council and its partners also have a long-standing commitment to encouraging the local VCSE groups, including capacity building and partnership working.

We witnessed an impressive effort by these groups during the pandemic and they clearly demonstrated the value of their work in communities.

Every area of Devon currently has a Council for Voluntary Service, with the exception of East Devon. There are some issues with this lack of provision, which became more evident during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, when both existing and new voluntary and community groups came under pressure and struggled to find support. A temporary support arrangement was commissioned by Devon County Council to provide basic guidance and advice (via WestBank), but this was limited and this contract has now ended.

It's recognised that our community and voluntary groups would benefit from support enabling VCSE groups of all shapes and sizes to focus on what they do best, by helping them in ways that they want.

A commissioning brief or service specification is required to clarify the range of support and advice that voluntary, community and social enterprise groups in East Devon want and need. We'll then look at how we can do our best to help provide this support. As a starter for this we've drafted a discussion document and questionnaire to gather in your thoughts. Please note that this is a discussion document, at the very initial stage, everything in it is up for discussion.

If you're a voluntary, community or social enterprise sector group within East Devon, please read through this discussion document and fill in the online questionnaire before 5pm on Monday 16 August 2021.     

If you need a copy of the consultation on paper, in large print on paper, or in any other format, please email: or call 01395 517569.